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Kristie & Simon at The Castle

Kristie was in New York, Simon was in France. They met in Paris, fell in love, and now are sharing their life together in Brooklyn. But in between they had a fabulous half-American, half-French wedding at The Castle at BU.

Just before we left the hotel, the sky decided to open. Luckily, Kristie had a super cute rainbow umbrella with her.

The ceremony was held on the staircase at The Castle. Kristie and Simon picked The Castle because it reminded Simon of France.

The sun reappeared just before the ceremony, which created some beautiful back and side lighting.

Because half of the guests were French and half were American, everything during the ceremony was conducted first in English, then in French, by a bilingual Justice of the Peace.

In keeping with the “castle” theme, the seating cards were nametags attached to skeleton keys and ribbon.

Sayles Livingston did a gorgeous job with all of the flowers, using Kristie’s white-on-white theme. There were also vintage glasses and candles everywhere.

Their favors were flash cards that taught the guests French or English. A novel idea to spark conversation between the two families.

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