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I have been photographing Anneka since she was a baby. Years ago, the family lived in Cambridge and we did a photo session. Now they live in Michigan, but whenever they are back in town, Allegra (her mother) gives me a call to do more photos. I love hanging out with these two! We did some photos while they were staying at a friend’s house in the South End, then we took a walk to a nearby park. Mostly I photographed Anneka, but I was able to snag some shots of the two of them in the process.

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Katie & Matt

Katie and Matt live in California, but they came all the way back to Cape Cod to have their wedding at Katie’s Grandmother’s house in Brewster. They are one of the sweetest couples I’ve met, so I was thrilled that they were able to celebrate on a gorgeous summer day. They both had a blast, and Katie just had the best expressions ever – as the night wore on, I just couldn’t tear my lens away from her.

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